The Jabiru J432 twin engine first prototype registration ZU – FYO has completed flight tests and rigorous testing and has obtained its authority to fly. We are still waiting on SA Civil Aviation Authority to give approval for the model to go into production.

Engines x 2: Jabiru 2200cc 80hp / 4 cylinder, 4 stroke
Propeller x 2: 2 Blade Ground Adjustable Composite
Height: 2400mm
Length: 6295mm
Width Tailplane: 2660mm
Cabin Width: 1120mm
Cabin Height 1090mm
Wing Span: 9582mm
Wing Area: 9.48sqm 103sq.ft)
Wing Loading Gross (544kg): 11.7 lbs/sq.ft
Wing Loading Gross (700kg): 15 lbs/sq.ft
Aspect Ratio: 9.7
Va (Max. Maneuver): 115 kts (132 mph)
Max Cruise: 120 kts (138 mph)
Max. Straight & Level: 135 kts (155 mph)
Stall Speeds At 700KG Vso (full flap): 45 kts (52 mph)
Vs1 (clean): 50 kts (57mph)
Climb Rate (at sea level): 1000 ft/min
Service Ceiling: 15,000 ft
Empty Weight: 400 kg
Gross Weight: 800 kg
Useable Load: 450 kg
Structural Loading
Flight Load Factor: + 3.8 – 1.9 G
Applied Loads: +6.8G -3.4G / 54degC (129.2degF)
Fuel Capacity (Usable): 135 lts (35.6 USgal)
Range (Nil Reserve): 661nm
Endurance (Nil Reserve): 4.9 hrs
Fuel Consumption at Cruise: 28 lts/hr
Glide Ratio: 12:1
Crosswind Component: 14 kts
Take Off Distance –(Ground-roll): 150m (492 ft)
Landing Distance – (Ground-roll): 250m (820 ft)