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Welcome to the world of Jabiru aircraft. The Jabiru aircraft is a well-established Australian designed aircraft that has become one of the most widely flown fixed wing NTCA aircraft brand in Southern Africa. Shadow Lite C.C. Now trading as Jabiru Aircraft Southern Africa is proud to be the only distributors of the Australian Jabiru Series of aircraft and Aero-engines in Africa. We have vast experience in manufacturing and have been registered as an aircraft manufacturing facility since 1991, some 26 years. I am sure if you do your homework on pricing versus running costs versus performance you will find that the Jabiru will be near the top of your list - if not, on top of your list. It is our company policy to make aviation more affordable for all. We deliver high quality built aircraft with an exceptional safety record that will keep you flying for years to come.

With the aim at keeping aviation affordable we have gone one step further - we set up full manufacture of all the composite parts of the Jabiru aircraft in South Africa ( under license to Australia) - to supply our local market. With our manufacturing we have reduced the supply of the Australian content reducing exchange rate reliant content and thereby keeping the pricing down and you will find Jabiru is VERY competitive in pricing compared to any other alternate aircraft in its class.

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