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Jabiru Aircraft SA is an approved South African Civil Aviation Authority maintenance organization with license number AMO909. We hold the largest range of spares and have the largest facility to maintain, repair, upgrade and do engine overhauls on the Jabiru series of aircraft and Jabiru engines.

The AMO is located at the same premises as the manufacturing facility giving an excellent integration of manufacturing and maintenance which enables us to upgrade and do aircraft repairs with ease.

We encourage all owners to attend the maintenance course and get to know their aircraft and engine. Please contact the office for more information on the maintenance course which is done free of charge at our premises in George.

Maintaining your aircraft and engine is vitally important. With nineteen years of aircraft engine and airframe experience it gives us the formidable base of knowledge to accurately diagnose and repair. With this type of experience issues and trends are diagnosed swiftly.

For those who would like to refurbish their aircraft we offer, instrument panel upgrades, interior upholstery upgrades and polishing and painting all done in house. For those who have purchased second hand you can refurbish and change the decals of your aircraft to your specification as well as upgrade engine cowlings to the latest design and we also offer upgrading the exterior look of the aircraft for those who have the black door rubbers.

To book your aircraft into the AMO for work or repairs, please call a few days in advance to check availability. We will forward you a job card via e-mail for completion to save time when checking the aircraft in upon your arrival, or you can down load the form from our web site and email through to us. Also ensure that we receive your log book timeously for completion. For annual inspections ensure that you have all of the relevant documents available i.e. valid radio station licence, current ATF, airframe log book, flight folio & POH.

For all those customers who own Jabiru Engines fitted to other aircraft we encourage you to ensure that the maintenance of your engine is done correctly, if in doubt you are welcome to contact our technical team for assistance and advice – we service and maintain Jabiru engines no matter what airframe the engine is fitted to. If you are wanting to remove and ship your engine to us please contact the office to check on time periods for overhauls, this will help to ensure the correct spares are available at the time the engine arrives.

Click here to download the Aircraft Maintenance Booking in Form and the Client Information Form

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