Jabiru South Africa Support

Jabiru Aircraft Maintenance Organization

Jabiru Aircraft SA is an approved South African Civil Aviation Authority maintenance organization with license number AMO909. We hold the largest range of spares and have the largest facility to maintain, repair, upgrade and do engine overhauls on the Jabiru series of aircraft and Jabiru engines.

The AMO is located at the same premises as the manufacturing facility giving an excellent integration of manufacturing and maintenance which enables us to upgrade and do aircraft repairs with ease.

We encourage all owners to attend the maintenance course and get to know their aircraft and engine. Please contact the office for more information on the maintenance course which is done free of charge at our premises in George.

Maintaining your aircraft and engine is vitally important. With nineteen years of aircraft engine and airframe experience it gives us the formidable base of knowledge to accurately diagnose and repair. With this type of experience issues and trends are diagnosed swiftly.

The Jabiru 2200cc Aircraft Engine is a 4-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine.

The Jabiru 3300cc Aircraft Engine is a 6-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine.

When ordering spares, please use the spares order form available on our website. Complete the form fully including hobbs hours for warranty purposes.

To book your aircraft into the AMO for work or repairs, please call a few days in advance to check availability.