Customising your aircraft

On customizing your new built aircraft the customer have some options some come standard others are classed as extras


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Instrument panel/console and set up

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Exterior Painting

All aircraft are painted with a 2K automotive white. There is the option to have a special paint schemes done in metallic but this will need to be discussed with the factory – it is important to note extra painting can add weight to the aircraft and one must consider the fact that all upper flying surfaces are to be kept white. Africa has a hot climate and white is the coolest color and there can be tremendous heat buildup on the top flying surfaces when aircraft are sitting on the ground in the sun.

Aircraft Decals, Jabiru, South Africa

Decals and Stripes

There are various options for decals and stripes and this can be one of the hardest decisions to make. The overall flow of the design and color vary. When sticking vinyl decals onto the aircraft there are two options one can go for either a straight color vinyl or a printed color vinyl. On the printed vinyl the customer can shade the stripe from dark to light or even one color to another color thereby creating a 3D effect. If metallic silver is used as the base vinyl the top color printed onto the vinyl will have an overall metallic effect which shines in the sun.

There are so many color options to choose from and when it comes to the design one needs to decide if you want more of a conventional straight line effect or something that has more of a flowing fun effect. There basic decals and registration done in Vinyl do come as a standard supply and one has the option to send through a design they would like or they can choose for a design that has been done on other aircraft. Please contact the factory for sample layups and coloring.

For those who want their decals to be painted on this is an optional extra and depending on the color and design chosen the price will vary on how long it will take to mask and paint the design.

Propeller & Lights

Click here for Jabiru J230 & J430 Latest Finish & Scimitar Propeller

Tyres and Spats

All aircraft are supplied standard with medium sized 6 ply tyres and spats. The customer has the option to swop out the main tyres to large tyres with no spats at no extra cost. It must be noted that the rims remain the same and the customer may opt to go with the standard supply and can purchase two extra spare large tyres and tubes which can be fitted when operating on ruff runways, it is not recommended to operate off ruff runways with spats and for training aircraft we recommend not fitting spats. The factory will not entertain claims on cracked or damaged spats.


All the Jabiru aircraft manufactured and supplied from South Africa have aviation blue tinted windows and windscreens standard fitted with round Snap vents for ventilation and depending on aircraft model there could be 2 or four supplied.

As an optional extra for the J430 and J230 we offer clear glass doors for the front two doors – it must be noted that the doors will need to be handled with a little extra care as they can scratch and crack. There is also the option to have photographic hatches fitted – these can be installed in most aircraft windows where the option to use photographic equipment without getting any reflection or glare is required – please contact the office for these options it must be noted that the option of photographic hatches needs to be made before the door windows are installed as they are made up and installed by the supplier before being fitted to the aircraft.
Click here for Photographic glass doors and photographic window hatches options

Aircraft covers

We do stock aircraft covers that are made specifically for the Jabiru aircraft out of a light weight water retardant material. The color is a light tan color and the covers are optional extras.

Pitot covers and bung sets are supplied standard with the aircraft

Other items required by Law

All aircraft are fitted with a Fire extinguisher, first aid kit and emergency strips – this is required by law and will be charged to the customer

Tool Kits

We have some custom made tool kits small, medium and large that the customer can purchase for owner maintenance. The tools are designed for basic maintenance from changing of tyres to tightening bolts and engine maintenance. The tool kits can be handy to carry when planning long distance flying and or to remote places. The tools come in a custom deigned bag and are high quality imperial tools.

Golf Shirts

The office does carry Jabiru golf shirts please contact the office to find out color in stock and sizes.



The fee for registration of the aircraft is included with all aircraft but the customer does hold the responsibility of completing and supplying all the required documentation to us for submission to the SACAA. If the customer opts to have a special registration eg: ZU – TOY or ZU – FLY this will cost the extra charge as prescribed by the SACAA. Please note this has to be requested and can be denied if the registration has already been purchased. It is also worthy to note the registration of an aircraft cannot like with personalized car number plated be retained each aircraft once registered remains that aircraft's registration for the life of the aircraft.

Radio Station License

Radio Station License – this is not the pilots radio license this is the license for the radio installed into the aircraft and it is mandatory. There will be forms that will need to be completed by the customer. The radio station license can only be applied for Once the aircraft registration has been allocated.

Mode S Transponders and ELT's

Mode S transponders and ELT's (emergency transmitter Locators) need to be registered with SACAA and the customer will be liable to pay the respective charges


Third Party insurance is a requirement by law and proof has to be supplied for the authority to fly. For General aviation insurance please contact our office to find out who you can contact for rates. The insurance will vary according to flying experience, value of aircraft, if the aircraft will be kept in a hanger or in the open and what cover each owner requires.

Initial Authority to Fly

Initial Authority to fly – Once the aircraft has been built and test flown we can then apply for the aircraft’s authority to fly which has to be in place before the customer can collect the aircraft. It is important for the customer to know that if the aircraft registration, radio station license and other fitted equipment licenses are not in place we cannot proceed with the application. It is important to take note that the licenses are supplied from various organizations and we cannot be held responsible for the time it takes to get the documentation processed – we can only ask the customers to ensure that required documentation is submitted to us in a timeous manner